Golf For Seniors

Golf for seniors is about playing within your physical limitations. As we get older (or should I say mature?), our bodies become less flexible our bones more brittle and our muscles a little weaker. So, we must cope with the passage of time as best we can.

Senior golfers will witness the impact of age through shortened swings, lower swing speeds, and reduced distance.

Stretching and Strength Training

One good way to cope is to get on a good exercise program that involves a balanced use of stretching, weights and a little walking, swimming or running.

The stretching will keep you limber, which will help with:

  • swing tempo
  • flexibility
  • range of motion
  • helps with endurance
  • post-round recovery

Strength training will take you further, helping accelerate development of your general fitness level and your overall conditioning. For an example of an excellent strength training program for senior golfers, click here.

In game situations, senior golfers will experience more difficulty with trouble shots. For example, hitting from deep rough is even more of a problem with a slower swing speed, since a bad lie in the rough calls for just the opposite.

The game of golf for seniors calls for adjustments in two more key areas:

  • a change in equipment
  • a shift in game strategy

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Equipment Adjustments

Equipment adjustments could include a change in shaft flex. An 'A ' designation, knows as a 'senior flex' provides a softer, more flexible shaft (some would say whippier) feel to get the ball airborne and regain some of the lost distance and physical flexibility lost in the golfer's body. In this way the shaft moves on behalf of the swinger. Also, this 'A' shaft is likely graphite, a lighter material that will lighten the club and maintain the swing weight, thus enabling a higher swing speed, which again gives back some distance.

Another equipment compensation that is common is to substitute hybrid clubs for some of the long irons in the bag. The trend today is to switch out the 3 and 4-iron for hybrid clubs which provide more headweight to help move the ball out of the rough and add distance and control from the fairway.

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Shift in Game Strategy

A change in game strategy comes with the wisdom of maturity. Senior golfers can manage their games better from experience and from re-emphasizing their short games. Knowing their game better, and exploiting their strengths through course management and short game skill will more than compensate for lost distance in their ability to score.

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